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Feedback Rules
« on: October 17, 2016, 12:27:21 PM »
We welcome ALL feedback be it good or bad but we ask you follow these guidelines for posting feedback. Anyone not following these rules may have there post removed.

Rules :

1) If providing negative feedback please be constructive, explaining why you think the game deserves a negative feedback will help us improve it in future updates

2) No being rude, some people will not like the experience (Although we hope this will be minimum) but why not help us improve it? Any rude or abusive posts will be removed and possibly your account terminated.

3) We have stipulated in both stores that the experience in its current form is SHORT and this will increase in length as future updates roll out. Please no posts saying things like "Its too short" as we have already advised this.

4) This experience is Early Access meaning ALOT more content will arrive for it in the upcoming weeks, We welcome posts with suggestions on how to improve visuals etc.. but please bear in mind the EA status.

5) NO insulting any of the Staff or Developers full stop.